April 2nd, 2019

Hello my beautiful souls!

Last Monday, I’ve been challenged with my way-too-long travel back home from LA, since I missed my connecting flight. It resulted in a way longer trip as expected. Moreover, jet lag didn’t make my transition to the European life any easier.

Yet, it all thought me so much. My whole 2 weeks in LA were very challengeable and I’ve realized that I’ve got lots of disappointment due to having lots of expectations.

It seems like a lesson I’ve learned so many times! Like Tony Robbins loves to say: Trade your expectations for appreciations and your whole life will change.

Life happens. In all sorts of ways. We have cycles of ups and downs, it’s all a dance and every part of it is beautiful. Yet, as soon as we make a clear picture in our mind how things should be (we create a blueprint), we set ourselves up for disappointment. When the reality doesn’t match our blueprint, we’ll feel like there is something wrong.

What I know for sure is that everything happens for a reason. I believe we are the creators of our reality - and we can choose where we want to go. However, with our human eyes and limited perspective we are unable to know HOW to get there. I love to say that only higher power can synchronise all of our lives and events and make sure we all get what we want! Each of us can only imagine how things should evolve for us, yet we cannot consider other people that are involve.

So if we all want to live our purpose, learn the lessons we came to learn and be filled with happiness - we have to have faith. We have the ability to set the intention and decide where we want to go, but then we have to surrender. Let go of our expectations and trust that every step is a stepping stone to our goal (even when it doesn’t seem that way).

Does that mean you don’t need to do anything and just wait? Not even close!

Having faith will allow you to go into action more. Our hearts keep telling us what can be done, where should we go, who can we call... all we have to do is have courage to follow through!

You don’t need to know where the specific action will lead you, if it feels good, go for it. Then trust that you’ll be guided to the exact place where you are meant to be. Remember that was is meant for you, won’t miss you!

So for this week, I’m challenging you to ask yourself:

Where do you hold on to expectations too much?

How does that make you feel?

Could you trade this expectations for appreciation instead?

What/who are you grateful for yet you don’t appreciate it/them enough?

Hope this helps you feel better! Life is beautiful if we focus on beautiful things! Remember that you are the person who determine where do you focus on!

Greeting from Prague!
Have a lovely week,