Hello my beloved Selfish Contributors!

Yes, Weekly Inspiration is back! :) More chill, refreshed and inspirational than ever :)

How was your summer?

Mine was definitely focused on inner work and alignment. I remember in the spring, when my batteries were running low, I’ve said to myself: “I’ll take a week off and then I’ll work whole summer like crazy.” There was an urge within me saying that I’m running out of time (?) and the worst thing about it is that I kind of believe it.

However, there is a saying that you’ve probably heard before: “God is laughing when you are making plans.” :D And well, my work didn’t really go according to my plans. My body demanded so much rest, I’ve been caught up with small day-to-day activities and the more I wanted to rush things, the more I’ve been asked to slow down.

Do you know that feeling?

I’m sure you do.

In cases like this, it’s usually not so easy to stop.

It took me a while to admit to myself: maybe I really need some quality rest. But before I was able to really enjoy the time with myself, I had to figure it out why do I feel so rushed.

Have you ever asked yourself that?

You see, we often forget that we are nature as well.

And like everything in nature, there are cycles.

There is time for everything.

…there is time for active working.
…there is time for quality rest.
…there is time for having fun.
…there is time for joking around.
…there is time for being serious.
…there is time for traveling.
And sometimes there is time for being still.

The challenge is that our mind tents to find identity in what we do, and not in who we are at the core.

Therefore, we create our identity around the work that’s being done. Meaning, we evaluate how good we are at being human by how much we are doing/creating/experiencing.

When we don’t feel at peace if we take a break, it’s usually a sign that we are identifying with our work.

Moreover, there is an inner feeling of not being enough and our false believe that once we do the work well and prove how well it can be done, we’ll finally be enough.

However, you’ve probably guessed correctly.
Feeling enough cannot come from the outside.
It’s not coming by use doing the external work.
It can only come by doing an inner work and connecting to our soul.

My believe is that not feeling enough is a signal of our soul telling us we are NOT one with who we are meant to be. It means we are not spending the important time to MEET OUR SOUL.

That’s why we tent to get more and more exhausted.

Living aligned with your soul means living lightly and effortlessly.

Living against your soul means being tired, confused and stressed.

We have ALL the time in the world!

And the only person you are responsible to connect with is you. Take this job seriously.

And trust that there is time for everything… the fear of missing out is just your ego losing an identity - which is good, you don’t need that s**t! :P

So ask yourself honestly:

WHAT WOULD I DO RIGHT NOW if I was the only person on this planet?

Do that.

Because in your life movie, you are the only person who is starring in all the scenes. ;)

With love,