Hello my beautiful tribe!

We live in the world where there is an abundance of possibility to distract ourselves. We are bombed with so many information coming in from thousands different ways and honestly, most of the things we observe and see do not benefit us on any level.

Even when we start working on ourselves, we can so easily gettrapped into believing that we need all the support and knowledge from the outside.

We search and seek... and search and seek...
...yet, that feeling that something is missing never seems to fade.

Does that sound familiar?

Trust me, you are not the only one.

It's something that is present within us all.

The important question to ask ourselves here is: "What is this gap and how can we fill it up?"

From my personal experience and observation, I'd describe this "something is missing" feeling as the gap between ourselves and our soul.

When our mind gets totally identified with this human body and everything we do and have, we tend to disconnect from our true essence - which is a higher energy with no limitations.

As this disconnection grows bigger and bigger, the separation makes us feel more and more painful, anxious and fearful.
We tend to crave more attention from the outside.
We need others to validate us.
We are searching for proves that we are enough.
We are afraid to do something wrong.
We are afraid what others will think of us.
And we feel lonely.
No matter how many people we have around us.


On the other hand... The more we are connected to the possibility of life, feeling love, joy and happiness, the more we are aligned with our soul and their message.

When we nourish this connection and make sure that it's present on daily basic, a sense of clarity, power and certainty runs through our body.

When the connection is there, we need no approval, advice of permission from the outside. We simply know with every single step that we are guided and the right answers and opportunities are drawn to us.

Have you ever experienced that?

Are you experiencing this on a daily basis?

No matter what's the answer, I'm sure you were meant to read this email.

Let it serve as a reminder that this beautiful state where you feel connected to your soul is your HOME.

Feeling like this is how we are meant to live our lives.

And if you are reading this and not feeling as connected to yourself - let this be a message that your soul is calling you.

Your soul is there all the time.
Waiting patiently.
Waiting lovingly.
To be acknowledged.
And to be heard.
It has all the answers that you need or will ever needed.
All you need to do is to be willing.
Willing to connect.
Willing to pause.
Willing to feel your heart.
And willing to be reminded of who you really are.

My infinite loving friend,
Hope this finds you well!

With love,