Hey everyone!

This week's inspirational title might not be as inspirational as usually.

Actual, it doesn't sound good at all.

This week's title is a question we must ask ourselves, if we want to break free from disappointment. So instead of trying to motivate you... I'll be totally real with you today.

What is disappointment?


...is just an expectation that haven't been met.

I remember when I was younger and someone said to me that it's better to have no expectations, so you cannot be disappointed... and I couldn't quite understand it. I didn't agree that no expectations is a good way to live. I've always been pretty optimistic and living without expectations seemed so pessimistic for me.

However, as I started this journey of awakening, I've slowly come to realized what "no expectations" really mean.

Having no expectation doesn't mean that you don't have any possible good scenario in your mind - it simply means that you are not attached at any certain outcome and you know that whatever comes up, it's going to be okey.

I can clearly say that this is easier said than done, but it's not impossible to genuinely live with this kind of perception.

Let's go a little deeper...

Have you ever asked yourself why you want a certain thing?
Why you want to reach that goal?
Why you want to have more of money?
Why you want to be successful?
Why you want to have a certain type of relationship?

No matter what are your first answers, if you dig deeper, you'll come to realize that behind every wish and dream is a certain emotion that you hope to feel once you get there.

Having more money is usually associatedwith freedom.
Reaching your goals with proving yourself and others that you are good enough.
Being successful with feeling like you've made it and that everyone is proud of you.
Having a certain type of relationship or wanting your partner to behave a certain way - with searching proofs that you are loved.

We want things and situations to be a certain way because we made ourselves believe that this will make us feel free, loved, understood, appreciated and good enough.

HOWEVER, in the end of the day, ALL OF THESE EMOTIONS are 100% YOUR CHOICE.

Behind every emotion there is story in your head "what needs to happen so that I allow myself to feel this way". Every emotion have different rules. Yet, all of them, exist within you and are a part of your belief system.

Once your "expectation" of what needs to happen, DOESN'T happen, you get disappointed.

And most people get disappointed all the time, because they place the power to feel this emotions (that should be coming from within) into external things/people.

With this way of living, we are setting ourselves up for a constant disappointment.

No matter what we do, it will never be enough.

Once you understand that this are your primal needs and that these emotions are coming up from within - you can gain the power to fill up your cup fully by yourself.

Once you are able to do so, you can become detached from the outcomes. You can still be optimistic and have a certainty within that good things are about to happen, yet you won't be attached to HOW and WHEN it's going to happen.

Only in this way, you can say goodbye to disappointment.

The journey there is not easy, but it is simple.
It's a journey within.
It's a journey of decoding yourself from all the external rules and creating your own.
It's a journey to your soul.

And I hope this explanation offered a new perception for you and gave you something to think about.

P.S.: Very soon (within days) I'll be opening a pre-launch enrollment option for my upcoming course MEET YOUR SOUL. Cultivating these emotions within ourselves is one of the core ingredients that we'll focus on. Watch this place for more info coming up soon, if you feel called to join us ;)

With love,