Hello everyone!

This week's inspiration is coming from Matthew McConaughey's speech (thanks to my lil brother who reminded me of that speech yesterday) about his 21-day solo trip into Peru's mountains back in 90s' where he's seen thousands of colourful butterflies in front of him... And at the very moment when he was just staring and admiring the beauty, he heard the voice in his mind saying:

"All I want is what I can see, and all I can see is what is in front of me."

To me, this phrase sounds like a voice of the heart reminding us that whatever is showing up in your life, it's exactly what we need. Read it again and let it enter. It hit me hard.

So easily we get trapped into our mind that keep on going into the past, trying to analyse what had happen, or going into the future and imagining (/worrying) how things will be. And in that very moment, our hearts are feeling something, that we want to repress by analysing, worrying and stressing out.

I think it's important to remind ourselves that in this very moment, all is well! No matter what emotions you feel, it's save to let them be there.

We are so abundantly blessed. Even when we don't feel so, we should acknowledge how abundantly confused and stuck we can feel. Isn't that abundance as well? :) It's a proof that we live in limitless Universe, where we can have more than enough of anything.

If this email caught in "not such a good state"... let me tell you that every day we are turning a new page. We have an ability to start again. Sometimes sad days are needed - and as our heart says: "All I want is what I can see" - if all you can see is sadness, be there, wholly.

Anytime someone asks me what is "my secret" for happiness, I'd say that the secret lies in pain.
It's about not being afraid of the pain.
Feeling it.
Feeling it through.
Letting it be.
And letting it teach you what it came to teach you.
Because on the other side, which always comes, there is happiness, joy and love.

All you have to do is to be brave enough to look into this moment with honesty, without running away from it and whatever it is... it's there in front of you for a reason. Because remember... "All I want is what I can see and all I can see is what is in front of me."

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With peace,